Why Amazon will be amazing for Australian businesses

  Far from being a threat to Australian businesses, a software company executive has claimed that Amazon's arrival in Australia will benefit local ventures, especially those that make and sell their own products. While media coverage has focused on how local retailers will struggle to compete against Amazon's scale and pr...

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How Ordinary People make Money On Amazon

  When he's not working as a security guard in South Lake Union, Spencer Lindsay is cooking up sauces he sells under the Mr. Maurs brand. He's moved from in-person sales to selling his products on Amazon using a service geared to budding entrepreneurs. Security guard Spencer Lindsay works three 12-hour shifts a week at Am...

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How Amazon plans to re-define Australia's retail landscape

It was named after the Earth's largest river to imply size and scale and it's coming to Australia with plans to re-define retail as we know it. By now you've heard a lot about how the arrival of Amazon will be a "gamechanger" that will "shake up" the retail market. Here's a bolder prediction: Ama...

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Amazon's Advantage

NERVOUS Australian retailers are scrambling to beef up their delivery capabilities ahead of the looming arrival of e-commerce giant Amazon later this year. According to Rob Hango-Zada, co-founder of online logistics start-up Shippit, Amazon's threat to "destroy" the local retail industry by undercutting prices by 30 per c...

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Which Aussie retailers will be hit by Amazon first

Amazon boss Jeff Bezos has had a better 12 months than any other billionaire on the planet, but while the spectre of his online shopping platform continues to follow Australian brands, some experts question how the retail giant will affect local brands. Forbes reported overnight that Bezos is the biggest dollar gainer on its 2017 World Bi...

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