Jeff Bezos Interviewed By Charlie Rose

Written on the 23 October 2018 by Dave Mitchell


Things to note

Customer obsession as opposed to competitor obsession

Jeff wants Amazon to focus on the customer, not on what other competitors are doing. That's why they are always iterating and launching new products. They don't always follow trends (their mobile phones and tablets weren't the best bet).

In order to do that they are eager to develop new skills internally to satisfy those customer needs. A good example is Alexa. They needed to create a whole team that worked in AI.

Willingness to think long-term

This is a well know fact of Amazon. They reinvest every single cent that they get. They launch products in an early stage (the initial AWS, Amazon Prime, Amazon Studios) and they iterate as fast as they can.

Pride in operational efficiency

This is also a very important motto for Amazon. As the biggest retailer in the world, they spend a lot of resources on increasing their efficiency. A perfect example is their warehouses. They have been investing tons of money on robots, testing different configuration of warehouses or even doing the last mile.

Author: Dave Mitchell
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