We’ll show you how to build a Successful Amazon Business with our 100 Day Foundation Program.

Learn how to choose your marketplace, what products to sell, sourcing, suppliers and costing products. Shipping, barcoding, logistics and of course how to build your own brand

all in 100 days at 6 live workshops with people just like you!

The Foundation Program for Amazon

The 100 Day Program The Foundation Program is the first stage in our Amazon development suite of business strategies and programs. We have Foundation, List and Launch. This particular program has been developed to provide the skills, resources and people you need to support you right now at this stage of developing the foundations of your business.

Elite eCommerce is Australia's leading and most effective educator of entrepreneurs wanting to start an online eCommerce business. Over the last few years we have been enabling people to start and develop Amazon businesses successfully through our time tested and proven methods. You are in the right place.

The 100 Day Foundation Program is designed to give you hands on step-by-step guidance through multiple platforms of education to implement everything you learn as you build your own business.

Proven results with an established company

The 100 Day Foundation Program has been developed by the Elite eCommerce Team following proven methods and strategies that have worked for our community of members for years. It is delivered by people who have been there, done that many times before. They are Entrepreneurs in their own right and specialists in their own field.

Our mentoring programs have helped many Australians build their own Amazon businesses in many different countries around the world. Many of our members are well on the way to creating their own Financial Freedom. Now it's your turn.

Everything you need for Success

Professional Mentoring & Live Workshops

From day one we have always provided amazing live Masterclasses, we pride ourselves on our Mentoring Programs, it is the epicentre for all of our members. We know first hand how hard it can be to keep focused when learning online. You need access to Mentors who are the real deal, and we know from mentoring many Australians exactly what you need to become part of the 5% who succeed. You will have access to mentors through Facebook, webinars and at 6 live workshops, plus access to optional additional 'one on one' sessions at any time.

Supportive Community

You will create friendships that will last a lifetime, it will make this experience mean so much more. We have webinars and Facebook, plus there are 6 live workshops, 2 per month on average, where you will meet and immerse yourself in a community of like-minded people, just like you, all supportive of each other as you go along this path. This environment provides you with the ultimate learning experience.

Next Level Strategies

We have now taken everything to the next level and created the best learning platforms using a holistic approach this is brand new, never seen before and it is what you need right now at a very affordable price. Learning online is ok, however, having a physical set of workbooks that are designed to work in conjunction with the online program, live workshops and personal mentors takes it to the next level to create an effective program that actually works.

Foundation Early Stage Development

We know from years of mentoring people through our very successful mentoring company that the one main thing you need to get right is the foundation of your Amazon business. Many people set expectations that are way too high, this is not something you can build quickly. This demands 10 to 15 hours per week and it will challenge you. Get this Foundation right and you will succeed. This program is designed purely to create success in your early stages of business development.

A holistic approach to building an Amazon business

Live Workshops

During the 100 Day Program you will attend 6 live workshops, which are all scheduled when we know you need it most. Like when you are choosing what products to sell. On average there will be 2 workshops per month, where you will immerse yourself in our community and learn in a live environment under the direct guidance of our Mentors, who will be right there by your side in the room to answer all of your questions.

Morning tea and lunch are provided, this is fun, professional, structured education and productive learning to provide the ultimate hands on "lap tops out" learning experience.

Attending regular workshops held at professional venues with people all at the same stage of business as you is absolutely priceless. You will not be one of hundreds, you will be in a classroom of about 25, where you will get the time and the attention to detail you deserve.

Box Set of Workbooks

When you start we will ship you your own physical set of workbooks specifically designed for this course. We understand that the way everyone learns is different, so we provide you with a complete set of tools for all learning types. This includes providing you with a Box Set of Workbooks to keep all your ideas, notes and thoughts together in one easy to understand organised place.

You will receive a 100 day diary, a notebook, and 2 training workbooks with course content to be used in conjunction with the 120 videos in the 8 Online Modules. You also receive a purpose built workbook to be used when attending the live events.

Health and Wellness

Your health and well being is extremely important. While potentially adding lots of hours in front of your computer at home, you need to look after your body. In addition, we provide you with our 100 Day Mobility program. It is designed with just 3 easy exercises to be completed as a set each day to improve your posture, and to help you avoid feeling stiff. After all what's the point in creating a fully portable business with a passive income if you can't move!

Our Mobility program is designed for people of all ages and physical abilities. The movements are easy to follow and take little time to do, therefore allowing you to keep active as you head into this life changing journey. The program is world class and is fully included. It is however optional. Through the program you can progress at your own rate, there are 14 videos showing you exactly what to do each week, and we have included a resistance band in the box set for you to use.

Mobility Mentor Kristi with Members Cass & Sarah

Online University

Our Online University is an interactive e-learning platform, which is cutting-edge training complete with 8 Modules, approximately 120 video lessons, product opportunity spreadsheets, import feasibility calculator, supplier letter templates, supplier lists, pricing and profitability guides, supplier agreement templates, keyword research spreadsheets, email templates, launch day prep and checklist, Amazon giveaways, Facebook offer graphics, and so many more resources to provide you with a solid foundation to build your business successfully.

When you join the 100 Day Foundation program you get full lifetime access to our e-learning platform. You can access this anywhere in the world, from any desktop, tablet or mobile device at any time you like, and it is very easy to navigate and use.
We are 100% sure that you will be blown away with the quality of our Online University.

The Foundation Program

  • 100 Day Mentoring Program
  • 6 Live Workshops
  • Online University
  • Box Set of Workbooks
  • Live Q&A webinars
  • Facebook Community
  • Lifetime access

What’s in the course?

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When does it start and how much does it cost?

We hope you are ready to make a serious commitment to your personal and business growth, take the leap and the next steps necessary to build a life and business that you can be proud of.
  • The Foundation Program only runs twice each year
  • Next program starts in 43 days 7th November 2018
  • 1st monthly instalment only $1,970
  • 2nd and 3rd monthly instalments of $970
  • Pay by Credit Card or Direct Debit
  • All payments are required 14 days in advance
  • Don't miss out Limited to only 30 people per program
  • Note: If you are in Australia all prices are plus GST as required by Australian Law

Our Mentor Pippa with one of our Members Sian

30 Day money back guarantee

Our Mentoring has been proven for years, and we are so sure you will be happy with our program that we offer a full 30 day money back guarantee. Try the program, attend the live events for the first 30 days and if you're not happy we will refund you in full.


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